The new laminated porcelain tile collection he designed, Lines and Waves, explores a new way of creating surfaces that adds a sensorial aspect. The project was accomplished through use of the new generation Slimtech slab, laminated 3mm thick porcelain, the result of an innovative new method of lamination and compaction. Norguet introduced a personal interpretation of surfaces designed in horizontal and vertical patterns that provide new architectural glimpses. What we get are tridimensional-line-plays. With “Line” we have suggestions that are almost naturalistic, a virtual landscape that joins the earth to the horizon. “Naïve” exemplifies the look of woven textiles while “Pixel” explores the repetition of points, elements imparting simultaneously a wavy movement and depth to the surface. Points, marks and lines, endlessly repeated on the 300x100cm slab, create a surprising effect of new colors and shades that, thanks to the slimtech technology, emulates a natural landscape.